Feldy Peanuts

A Traditional Feed For Wild Birds

Feldy Peanuts

Feldy Premium Bird Peanuts

Filled with a naturally high level of protein, fats and oils which provide a source of high energy for garden birds.

You can expect to see a variety of birds flocking to your feeders as they provide the extra energy boost they need.

Ideal All Year Round

Our Peanuts are Aflatoxin-free which ensures that fungus does not cause the harmful aflatoxicosis to birds.

Because of the high energy provided by peanuts, this makes them idea bird food for the breeding season. Likewise, they are great for feeding during Winter and cold periods.

Peck for peck peanuts are one of the more highly nutritious foods for a wide range of bird species. They are a favourite with Blue Tits and Jays.

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Product Sizes

Feldy Premium Wild Bird Seed is available to buy in the following sizes:


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