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Feldy Premium Wild Bird Food
"My husband loves feeding the birds that come to our kitchen window and recently we have been giving them the Feldy food and I can't tell you what a difference it has made to the number of birds we are attracting and the way they tuck into the fat balls is unbelievable.  We had been buying from another supplier and we noticed just how hard the fat balls were and how difficult it was for the smaller birds to eat them but the consistency of the Feldy ones are so much more bird friendly.  We have also been having the mixed bird food which again has proved a huge hit with the birds, other feeds tend to be made up of a lot of wheat and the birds just leave it so we are delighted to have found something that is a} giving us more pleasure in seeing the number of birds that it attracts and b} if the birds could write a review I am quite sure it would be very positive!"

Feldy Golden Balls

The Best Wild Bird Food & Poultry Feeds on The Market

Our mission is to help ensure that the wild birds and poultry we all love to watch and enjoy are always correctly fed and nourished.

Our diets are formulated using the latest nutritional research. The feeds are manufactured using only the highest quality raw materials which contain highly digestible proteins, cereals and cereal by-products, all with a high nutrient density.

About Feldy

Our Key Aims Are

To create ethically produced bird food and poultry feed products

To engage bird watchers with their garden wildlife.

To source ingredients and packaging from local suppliers

To support the local community by employing local people

Feldy Range

Our range of premium, nutritious wild bird food products and poultry feeds are available to purchase via our online shop.

Orders under £25 are subject to an £8.00 delivery charge.

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