Feldy Premium Wild Bird Seed

Our Flagship Blend of the Highest Quality Seeds & Grains direct from the heart of Cheshire.

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Wild Bird Seed

The Ultimate Nutritional Wild Bird Food

Feldy’s Premium Wild Bird Seed combines the highest quality seeds and grains.

This bespoke wild bird food contains high energy and oil to attract more specialised wild birds to your garden. Feed this in a general-purpose bird feeder, on a traditional bird table or a ground feeding tray and enjoy watching garden birds flock to your feeding station!

Crafted with passion

Our Wild Bird Seed provides the ultimate in nutrition and is designed for year-round feeding.

Because it is high in energy, it is ideal for those cold winter days when birds need food the most. It is even more ideal for young birds when they are being reared in Spring and early Summer.

This mix is particularly loved by the Finch family so keep a look out for Goldfinches, Siskins and the elusive Redpoll when feeding.

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Product Sizes

Feldy Premium Wild Bird Seed, made in Cheshire, is available to buy in the following sizes:


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