A brand new scatter treat mix for poultry.

Packed into handy 2kg tubs our new ‘Veggie Afternoon Delight’ has been developed for happy and healthy hens.

This new mix is made from a combination of delicious and nutritious grains and seeds, Feldy know your chickens will love, including wheat, maize, red dari, sunflower seeds, black sunflower, oyster shell and flaked maize. We have also added soya oil and a vitamin and mineral mix. Rich in protein and carbohydrates.

The Veggie ‘Afternoon Delight’ also has the addition of dried carrot, full of nutrients and great for egg yolk quality, red bell pepper and red chilli flakes both of which support a chickens’ immune system and help fight bacteria and prevent worms, also high in vitamin C helping blood circulation. Ingredients to help aid condition, egg production and feather quality making it particularly beneficial when fed to rescue hens.

Our Veggie ‘Afternoon Delight’ is an excellent complimentary feed for your chickens. Feed alongside their regular diet. Encourage natural foraging by simply scattering a few handfuls on the ground in the afternoon, whenever your hens need a little pick me up to add a little variety to their current feed.