Feldy Sunflower Hearts

Packed with oil and protein

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Sunflower Hearts

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Feldy Sunflower Hearts will bring garden birds flocking back for more.

We've removed the husks so smaller species, such as Goldfinches, can snack alongside your regular garden visitors.

Crafted with passion

Sunflower Hearts are rich in essential oils that garden birds need to keep their feathers healthy. Alongside this, they are a high-energy, high-protein food source for wild birds.

This feed is loved and favoured by a wide range of birds. They are a convenient size for most birds, they don't have to use valuable energy and time to remove the husks. Above all, have one of the highest calorie to size ratios and are filled with essential oils. As a result, Blackbirds, Robins and Song Thrushes all enjoy them.

Product Sizes

Customers can puchase Sunflower Hearts in the following sizes:


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