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Our mission

At Feldy we produce premium, ethically sourced and nutritious wild bird food and poultry products

Our mission is to help ensure that the wild birds we all love to watch and enjoy are always correctly fed and nourished.

Our Key Aims Are:

To create ethically produced bird food and poultry products

To engage bird watchers with their garden wildlife.

To source ingredients and packaging from local suppliers

To support the local community by employing local people

Why We Set Up Feldy

For far too long, the genuine food values of Fat Balls have been in serious decline as cheaper products are produced therefore meeting a demand for a low price rather than wild bird wellbeing.

In a relatively unregulated industry - one in which wild birds are not deemed 'of commercial interest' - the resulting so called 'value' products have proved unsuitable in sustaining nutrition at critical times.

Feldy Fare was created with the idea of addressing this problem, bringing together industry professionals with a passion for quality and a desire to create a bespoke range of nutritional foods for feeding wild birds.

This unrivalled team combines over 200 years in the farming, animal feed and human food areas. Now, having added a "put our money where our mouths are" attitude to a total commitment to wild bird conservation, we are delighted to introduce our exciting new range of high-quality products.

The Feldy Process

The Feldy Team have invested a considerable amount of time and money into the total process of bringing superior wild bird foods to your bird table or feeder.

This starts with careful formulation of foods combining only the best knowledge available and using top quality ingredients, therefore, forming a product which will perform under all circumstances.

The assembly and blending of the ingredients is performed on state of the art equipment thus ensuring a finished product which will perform in the outdoor environment.

Daily quality control of ingredients and the manufacturing process form an additional essential part of the Feldy process.

All Feldy products are packaged to produce a convenient carry home format and we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of packaging innovation to help recycling with ethically disposable materials are used where possible.

Environmental Impact

The environmental impact of using Feldy products cannot be understated. We are so careful in the selection of high quality ingredients from sustainable agriculture paying particular attention to how crops are grown on our own farm and the sources of others. Traceability is a key cornerstone of our ethical approach.

As a result of this we do not use Palm Oil in our products despite this being a useful ingredient in the food industry as its continuing growth in the world leads to further deforestation and loss of habitation for wildlife.

Feldy continues to work very closely with the principal packaging manufacturers in the UK in order to constantly update its packaging to meet the ever changing demand for disposable materials.

The new Feldy blending and manufacturing plant is established on our farm thus making future proof use of rural buildings.

The Best Wild Bird Food on The Market

Our diets are formulated using the latest nutritional research. The feeds are manufactured using only the highest quality raw materials which contain highly digestible proteins, cereals and cereal by-products, all with a high nutrient density.

Meet the Feldy Team

Liz Sutton

Highly professional business executive with a successful track record in the Dairy Industry at Board level. Liz combines this knowledge with a passion in all matters of a rural and wild bird conservation nature.

Dave Barnes

Experienced production professional in the food industry having the added bonus of being a well known professional in the wild bird world especially due to his excellent photographic work which is widely published.

Heather Sutton

Experienced business administrator. Avid garden birdwatcher, provider of nesting sites and food in her farmhouse garden. Typical of our target customers therefore adding an insider view to the organisation.

Nick Johnson

45 years experience as an award-winning Landscape Gardener ensuring green spaces are brought up to good standards throughout the North West. Passionate Beekeeper and Wildlife conservationist.

Sophie Rodgers

Experienced in sales and passionate about the Feldy ethos and products. Deals with stockist enquiries, the Feldy website and social media.

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