Following their recent successful entry into the bespoke quality wild bird food market with their flagship Golden Food Ball, the team at Feldy are pleased to present a new product range of natural Food Blocks for Poultry and Game from February 2019.

The Poultry Block is manufactured in 1 kg blocks and 6 kg buckets, whilst the Game Block is available in 6 kg buckets. The blocks are designed to supplement commercial feeds particularly for the small domestic egg producer whilst also satisfying the demand from larger commercial units.

The block is not only designed to provide concentrated nutrition but acts as occupational therapy for the birds thus helping in the quest to eliminate feather pecking by providing a useful distraction in its method of use.

The blocks are able to be ground fed or can be suspended to just above the height of the bird so that it feeds upwards through the hole which can be cut in the bottom of the bucket. The high oil content of the product allows the block to slowly slide down the bucket as it is consumed.

The design Holy Grail and unique appeal of the block is achieved by very careful selection of key ingredients which when fused together are attractive to the bird but stay solid in all weather conditions thus allowing a controlled release of the nutrition. Feldy recommend that the block is fed in conjunction with commercial layers feeds or wheat and this combination leading to increased egg yield, egg size and bird well being.

The block content food profile is selected from 12 carefully chosen ingredients providing very high energy, protein and vitamins on demand. To enhance attraction and well being the blocks contain 5 carefully chosen herbs and spices within the ingredients as well as an aniseed concentrate attractant sprayed on the exterior.

Feldy Poultry and Game Blocks are available in the UK from February 2019 and are stocked by selected Pet Stores, Country Stores and Agricultural Supply outlets.



Gerald F. Rivett

Feldyfare Limited

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