This fabulous event actually started in 1979 as the RSPB wanted an innovative way to get their younger members involved in Bird Watching. They simply asked for them to count the Wild Birds that visited their gardens. Little did they realise that they would receive over 34,000 forms!!

The event proved so popular that it has now been running for nearly 40 years and half a million people take part.  The results from the Big Garden Bird Watch allow the RSPB to monitor trends of Wild Birds and also be able to understand how Wild Birds are doing year on year, with some interesting results.

Registration for the event starts on the 12th December and the event takes place over 3 days from the 26th January to the 28th January. All the details can be found on the RSPB website.

What a great time to start encouraging Wild Birds into your garden and a great way to get kids involved with nature. At Feldy we would always recommend feeding Wild Birds all the year round, however if you are not doing so already, by starting in the Winter months you will see the fastest results.

By simply hanging feeders you will soon attract a variety of Wild Birds to your garden. Feldy's Wild Bird Golden Balls contain extremely high quality ingredients, in fact 12 altogether! They are nutrient dense and high in energy and are completely digestible to the Wild Birds. Unlike some of the cheaper fat balls on the market today.  All our quality Wild Bird products can be ordered through the Feldy website.