Feldyfare are delighted to be supporting the British Hen Welfare Trust for the next twelve months, having donated £4,500 to help with their work to re-home thousands of chickens every year.  The charity has found homes for over 720,000 commercial laying hens since its beginnings in 2005.

Heather Sutton, Director Feldyfare Limited said “The team at the British Hen Welfare Trust are doing a great job; they are very dedicated to their work so it is a joy to support them”.

Chicken Pecker Balls

Gerald Rivett, Poultry Expert, Feldyfare Limited said “We have developed an excellent product in the format of a Chicken Pecker Ball or Block designed specifically for the domestic hen keeper. This new food acts as a Boredom Buster thus alleviating the problem of feather pecking, as well as a High Density Energy and Calcium source. 

Developed over the past year, the choice of 12 carefully selected ingredients is crucial to the performance of the product when offered to hens. In addition to the occupational therapy concept, the inclusion of readily available energy increases the general wellbeing of the hen. Productivity in the form of larger eggs has been recorded but the bonus has come with the use of rapid and slow release Calcium and Vitamin D leading to an additional benefit of egg shell quality enhancement"