Field Testing our quality Feldy Products is extremely important as it gives us the same experience as our customers.

A question we are often asked is "How long does it take for the birds to find the food I put out for them?"

We set up a Field Testing station in Staffordshire, firstly using our Sunflower Hearts in some feeders. What started with a solitary Goldfinch soon progressed, over the next couple of months, to a huge 60 visiting every day!!

The Finches then attracted other species including a Linnet and Sparrowhawk. With Winter upon us we are hoping to record Siskins and even Redpolls when we put out our Feldy Nyger Seeds.

Another product we tested were our quality, aflatoxin free Peanuts. Within a week of offering them, our Testing Station had attracted Jays, Nuthatches and Great Spotted Woodpeckers.

All our products are available through our website and our Team have a lifetime of experience with feeding Wild Birds so we are happy to answer any questions.