Across Britain and Northern Ireland, Milkmen and Women rise at the crack of dawn to deliver fresh milk and other dairy products directly to people's homes. Although Doorstep Delivery may be a small part of the UK market, it still provides a vital service to hundreds of thousands of homes each day.

Around 3% of the UK's fresh milk is delivered directly to the doorstep. Today not only is milk delivered but also a vast variety of other products including cheese, eggs, meat and even gardening products!!

In light of this Feldy are pleased to announce that we are now working with Dairies and Delivery Companies to enable them to deliver our Wild Bird Food, via the Milkman or Woman, direct to the doors of their customers.



Since the launch of our Doorstep Delivery Campaign, two major Dairy Delivery Companies have already come on board. Wyre & Fylde Ltd, based in Lancashire and Mortons and Harrisons Ltd, who are based in Maghull and deliver to Merseyside and the surrounding areas.


Simon Holt, Mortons Business Development Manager, says the Company now delivers to 35,000 local Customers and Businesses throughout Merseyside. "Doorstep Delivery has certainly seen a revival over the last few years, especially as there are growing fears about the impact of plastic on the environment. Programmes such as 'Blue Planet' with David Attenborough saw a huge uptake for milk in glass bottles".


Feldy Golden Balls

The benefits of Feldy's Doorstep Delivery campaign are numerous. There is zero cost set up for the Milkman, a personalised point of sale Milk Bottle Collar, very specific stock control and ordering levels. As well as on going Feldy support and website exposure.

If you provide a Delivery Service and would like some more information please call Feldy on 01565 777285.

Wyre and Fylde 01772 492185

Mortons Dairies 0151 526 1046