By popular demand, Feldy are very proud to announce that two brand new, bespoke products are very close to being launched.

After extensive trials and research, a highly nutritious Chicken Pecker block and Game Holding Block have been developed. Both of which will be ready to hit the market in early 2019.  Even prior to their release there has been a high level of interest for both products, from both Retail and Wholesale Companies.




The use of The Game Holding Block in strategic locations around the Estate or Shoot will assist the retention of released birds, as well as supplementing their well being. The 5kg hard and durable Block contains 12 food grade ingredients, as well as an attractant. It also has a high energy content due to carefully selected oils and fats which will help to enhance a birds health.



Unlike other Pecker Blocks on the market, The Feldy Chicken Pecker Block provides a holistic approach, when fed in conjunction with commercial Layers Feeds. It provides occupational therapy for your birds and helps to eliminate boredom. The 1kg Block contains 12 select ingredients and includes an attractant, added herbs and spices, high quality oils and protein, plus Limestone Flour. Thus helping to ensure optimum health of your birds as well as top quality shells.



For more information on either of these new products or for any Stockist Enquiries please call 01565 777124 and a member of the Feldy Team will be more than happy to help.